Enactus is an international nonprofit organization which aims to improve the world through entrepreneurial action. Enactus, Sri Aurobindo College was launched on 1st August 2016 under the able guidance of our faculty member, Mr. Prem Singh.

In the first year, "Project Mishtaan" was launched. The project involved training an unemployed man to cook various dishes and training him to independently run a stall and make a living for himself and his family. After training the man, our students gave him various opportunities to put up his stall in the various events conducted by our college as well as other colleges. The outcome of the project is a man who is now able to independently run his stall.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the students and their desire to make meaningful contribution to the life of underprivileged led them to launch two linked projects in the academic year 2017-18. Project craftastic and Project Hydra are launched, building on the UN sustainable goal of water sanitization and hygiene.

Under Project Craftastic, students get the customized products such as pens, mugs, notebooks etc. designed and sell them to students of various colleges and general public.In addition to this, students also visit shelter homes, including Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses(SPYM's), for distributing pens and notebooks to them for educational purpose.

Project Hydra is concerned with the UN sustainable goal of water sanitization and hygiene. Under this, the team of students has manufactured GERMINATOR: a hand sanitizer that kills bacteria on hands especially for areas where water is scarce.

Project Craftastic is a fundraiser project for project Hydra. The funds so raised from selling customized products are used by the students to manufacture hand-sanitizer, named GERMINATOR. The hand sanitizers are distributed to the underprivileged people in water-starved area. The objective is to sensitize them on the need of sanitation and promote the level of hygiene.Till date, more than 400 sanitizers have been distributed and thus, impacting lives of over 400 children and their families.