Vision & Mission of IQAC

To impart quality education based on the fundamentals of the individual dignity, freedom and professional integrity. To ensure existence of a positive and nurturing environment in an around college and to sustain it with a vigilant and healthy climate throughout. To enhance the performance of the faculty by providing it with excellent academic tools. To bring about the overall development in students, personality by emphasizing the principles of unity in diversity; by upholding the norms of social justice and democratic values.To focus on the efficiency of college management, thereby ensuring the commitment of teaching and non-teaching Staff as well. To churn out not only praiseworthy scholars but also good human beings who would prove to be an asset to the nation.

Values of IQAC

To fly the banner of academic excellence combined with an outstanding and dedicated teaching and trainingfacilities. To provide a perfect academic ambience with suitable and well-equipped infrastructure. To focus on individual as well as collective personality growth of students without any gender bias. To strengthen essence of equality, social justice and general well-being and development, not only of students but of college staff as well.

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