Brochure Science seminar 03.02.23.

Event held by the Department of Commerce

The Department of Commerce, Sri Aurobindo College, in collaboration with the institute “Thinking Bridge”, has run a course called "Experimental Audit Learning" to provide practical knowledge regarding audit and assurance to the students of commerce. Under this special course, market related subject experts themselves have taken classes and made students aware of market experiences. 

Not only this, by connecting with the Big 4 audit companies of the market, students can make a successful career. In this 20-day workshop, experts gave hands-on Excel training and explained topics like substantive control testing through real-life case studies. Chartered accountants Mr Saurabh Bansal and MrArchit Aggarwal benefited the students from their experiences and explained the practical aspects of audit and assurance field. 

On the occasion of the valedictory session today, the Principal of the College and Professor of Commerce Department Dr Vipin Kumar Agarwal discussed in detail about the benefits of this course and highlighted the relevance of such add on courses in helping the students to find their future in the corporations of future.