PRITHVI - Society for Environment

Under the aegis of the Department of EVS, the PRITHVI society works under the convernership of our principal Prof. Vipin Aggarwal and it conducted the following events in the academic session 2020-21.

  1. Team Prithvi participated in the National Webinar on ‘Water Conservation: Challenges and Strategies’, on 7th September 2020, organized by the Department of Environmental Science, Sri Aurobindo College.
  2. Wildlife Week - On Wildlife week from 3rd – 8th October 2020, Prithvi, under the aegis of Department of Environmental Science, organized three competitions viz. wildlife journalism, debate and photography competition at an inter college level. The event was a success as many students participated and showcased their talents.
  3. On 15th October 2020, Department of Environmental Science, organised a one- day webinar on ‘Biodiversity Conservation: Innovation and Challenges’ which was attended by the volunteers of the Prithvi society.
  4. To encourage the creative skills of the people, it organized a Mandala Competition on 1st November where all the participants presented their artistic works.
  5. Prithvi, under the aegis of Department of Environmental Science, organized a Diwali Mela from 8th to 15th November, 2020, where the focus was to create awareness on celebration of Eco-friendly Diwali. It was followed by two competitions – ‘Best out of waste’ & ‘Photography Competition.’ An online awareness drive was also conducted by the volunteers of the society by encouraging the people to decorate their homes with newspapers, leaves and earthen lamps through different social media handles.
  6. Meme - making competition, with the aim of encouraging people to protect environment by using few fun elements was held on 9th December, 2020.
  7. On New Year, 1st January 2021, Team Prithvi held a plantation drive where all the members planted a sapling with a vision of growing and nurturing it.
  8. With an objective to create awareness on the fast-deteriorating wetlands and their conservation, the World Wetland Day, was observed on 2nd February, 2021. The volunteers helped to organize photography and debate competitions to mark the event at an inter college level where many participants participated to make the event a success.