Newsletter Edition April 2021     NOTICE - List of Office Bearers of Nivesh

NIVESH, the Finance and Investment cell was established in Feburary 2021 by Vidit Chauhan, with the objective of ingraining a sense of financial keenness amongst the student community. The cell has grown a lot since then and has emerged as one of the most active and popular societies of the college.

it is a student-driven body initiated with a vision to promote knowledge sharing among students on matters of finance, economics, and geopolitics. Rigorous research sessions, monthly campaigns, newsletters, and speaker sessions define the Cell and its members.

From having the honour of hosting geniuses from the world of economics and finance like Dr. Krishnamurthy Subramanian (Chief Economic Adviser of India) and SHRI SURESH PRABHU Member of Parliament (RS), to Chief Executive Officer of Paytm Money, Mr.Varun Sridhar, and conducting various competitons like case study, mock stock, Quiz, debates etc and it’s annual Financial Festivals, the society witnessed active participation of over 1000+ students from various colleges across the country.

  • We Conducted a Session with Suresh Prabhu on the topic of Aviation Sector and its effects Post Pandemic.
  • We also Conducted a Webinar with the Chief Executive Officer of Paytm Money, Mr. Varun Sridhar.
  • We Conducted a Talk cum validatory session with Dr. Krishnamurthy Subramanian who is the Chief Economic Adviser of India, We discussed about The Economic Recovery Post pandemic.
  • We conducted multiple events with amazing rewards in which we witnessed participation over 1000 students in Competitons such as:-
    1. Mock Stock
    2. Case study competition
    3. Quiz
    4. Debate
    5. Crossword
  • We had an Interview Series session with SHREYANS SANCHETI the Co-founder of Huloq and Clinify.
  • We also had an Interview Series session with Sanya Garg – Principal Data Scientest at McKinsey & Company.
  • We had a greater scale webinar with Mr.Sahil Aggarwal Co-Founder and CEO of Rishihood University and Co-Chairman of PHD Chamber of Commerce
  • We started a monthly newsletter to increase financial awareness among the students.
  • Our team shares a weekly dose of all the upcoming events in the financial market like IPO details and multiple news’s which have moved the market a lot.
  • 21 Pearls of financial wisdom was started by our team to provide an inside about all the jargons used in the financial world.
  • We have conducted multiple educational webinars to increases financial knowledge of our fellow college students.
  • Our Society also conducts weekly sessions for all the members so that they can learn more about managing their personal finance themselves while working for the society.
  • The society has given multiple opportunities to our members to get internships by providing exclusive internships for the members of NIVESH.
  • After the Budget was realised all the members had a brainstorming session on decoding the budget.
  • We have even conducted sessions about personality development and other important factors which make it easier for the students to know how to creak interviews after graduating from college