Report on Annual Job and Internship Fair- Neev 3.0

Content:- In a significant event that marks the convergence of academia and industry, Training and Placement Cell of Sri Aurobindo College, under the leadership of honourable Principal, Prof. Vipin Kumar Aggarwal and Faculty Coordinator, Prof. Subhanjali Chopra, hosted its Annual Job and Internship Fair - Neev 3.0 on April 4, 2024 witnessing unprecedented participation. The fair saw over 1500 student registrations from across several universities such as University of Delhi, Amity University, and IP University to name a few. Over 50 leading companies participated in both online and offline mode including notable names like KPMG, Zomato, Axis Bank, HDFC bank, D.E. Shaw. The event was tailored to offer students direct access to career opportunities across various industries, emphasizing the institution's role in preparing the workforce of tomorrow. Students benefited from one-on-one interactions, gaining insights into the professional world, while companies met with a diverse pool of talents ready to kickstart their careers. The Training and Placement Cell, Sri Aurobindo College thanks all participants for contributing to the fair’s success and looks forward to continuing to support student career development.

Report on the Annual Finance Event organized by Nivesh_March 13, 2024



NIVESH - The Finance & Investment Cell of Sri Aurobindo College, hosted its annual finance event, FINVERSE 2.0, on March 13, 2024, from 11:30 AM at the college premises. This event aimed at fostering connections between finance enthusiasts and industry leaders, by way of a rich array of competitions, workshops, and guest speaker sessions.

Distinguished guests for the event included Mr. Rohit Nayyar, Global CFO, Wadhwani Foundation and Ms. Shikha Swaroop, Data Analytics Expert at Gartner. Mr. Nayyar shared his extensive experiences and career journey, captivating students with insightful knowledge and profound wisdom. Ms. Swaroop provided invaluable insights into industry exposure, serving as a conduit between academia and industry, empowering students to emerge as well-prepared, competitive, and adaptable professionals in research and data analytics.

The event saw a footfall of 500+ people, hosted two major competitions, ‘Bullseye Branding’ and ‘Venture War’, and drew approximately 200+ registrations and participants from esteemed institutions, such as, SRCC, LSR, Hindu College, Hansraj College, Sri Venkateswara College, PGDAV College, SSCBS, Maitreyi College, and SGGSCC. ‘Bullseye Branding’ stimulated participants' creativity by asking them to develop AI brands for addressing real-world problems, while ‘Venture War’ tested their strategic thinking and financial acumen in the dynamic area of valuation. The ‘Bullseye Branding’ was won by Sri Venkateswara College. It concluded with first position to Team - Tismott (Piyush Kumar and Tanveer Rahman) and second to Team - The Wingmen (Madhav Arora, Sambhav Gupta, and Adit Kumar) while the victorious team of ‘Venture War’ hailed from Sri Aurobindo College (Evening) with Team - Foosie Gang (Tanmay Gupta) and Team - 303A (Garv Khanna, Shashank Dwivedi, and Kunal Saini).

To foster engagement, various interactive games were organized, including ‘Listen & Guess’, ‘Mini Money Basketball Game’, and ‘Flip & Tic Tac Toe Showdown’, offering avenues for good communication, skill-building, and enjoyment. Additionally, a food stall, ‘The Buyu Beans’, offering pizzas, fries, drinks, and brownies catered to the refreshment needs of the attendees. The event received generous sponsorship from Finlatics, Leverage Edu, Insightone, Predator, The Buyu Beans, Du Adda, and Delhi Competition.

Flower Show'24 report

Trying to make rapid strides in uncharted territory, Sri Aurobindo College participated in Delhi University’s Flower Show for the first time in its history. The event participation was supervised by Prof. Sangeeta Kaul, Department of Chemistry ; and planned and executed by Ms. Kalpita Sonowal and Dr. Neetu Dwivedi, Department of Environmental Science and Ms. Sukriti Sobti, Department of English . The theme of the 66 th Annual Flower Show held on 1 st March, 2024 was “Women Nurturing Nature: A Celebration of Synergy and Sustainability”. Our college submitted two entries in the Inter- College Standee competition where colleges were supposed to creatively depict the contribution of women environmentalists. Our college highlighted the contribution of two environmental and climate activists from the North East: Ms. Licypriya Kangujam and Ms. Rupjyoti Saikia Gogoi. Living in close communion with nature, these activists from North East have worked tirelessly for change using meagre means at their disposal. The college also exhibited entries in category I Class I of potted plants (annual). Breathtaking and blossoming petunias, marigold, Gazania, Mathiola, Night Scented Stock and Alyssum were exhibited by the college at Gautam Buddha Centenary Garden, North Campus, University of Delhi. The contribution of the college was appreciated by everyone, and received special mention from Prof. Rupam Kapoor, Secretary, Garden Committee, University of Delhi .

Workshop on Financial Modelling With Excel

A one day workshop on "Financial modelling with Excel" was organised by the Department of Commerce, Sri Aurobindo college, Under the Aegis of IQAC and in collaboration with Skill Enhancement Committee, University of Delhi on 17th February, 2024 in the college premises. The workshop was aimed at enhancing the skill set of the participants on various concepts related to Finance on excel application. The workshop was started with the motivating words of the chairman sir Dr. Rajesh Singh. The Resource persons Dr. Arun Julka (Associate Professor, Maharaja Agrasen college University of Delhi) & Ms. Silky Jain (Assistant professor, Sri Aurobindo college, University of Delhi) covered the broad dimensions of finance ranging from present value, future value, annuity, loan amortization, NPV, IRR, XIRR, EAIR, rate of interest etc to YTM, Bond valuation, Macaulay duration, modified duration, put call options, option pay off, option strategies, etc. At the end of the event, participants have been awarded with certificates by Principal Sir Prof. Vipin Kumar Aggarwal & Mrs. Asha Kiran Gupta (Teacher in-charge). The programme ended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Yogesh Garg (convenor). The workshop proved to be extremely informative & was a great success with participation from around 40 faculty members from various colleges & universities.


Prithvi: Society for Environment, under the Department of Environmental Science organized a speaker session in celebration of World Wetlands Day on 8 th February, 2024. Professor Chirashree Ghosh, Department of Environmental Sciences of University of Delhi, was the keynote speaker of the session. The esteemed speaker delivered an enlightening presentation on the topic, “Urban metabolism of River Yamuna in the National Capital Territory of Delhi, India”. Emphasizing the significance of environmental studies for younger generations, she underscored the importance of rectifying flawed designs that disrupt original water supply systems. She presented compelling case studies on the River Yamuna, Urban Lake, Rainwater Harvesting Recharge cities. Delving into the diverse array of aquatic life and highlighting the detrimental impact of heightened salinity in urban water bodies on climate change, invaluable information on the Potentially Toxic Elements (PTE) Index with the help of a case study on the river Yamuna—a crucial metric used to assess the potential toxicity of elements in various environments.

Prof. Gosh also provided a comprehensive overview of the critical role wetlands play in maintaining the delicate balance of nature and highlighted the multitude of benefits associated with wetlands, emphasizing their significance as natural filtration systems which helps in regulating water flow, thereby mitigating the risks of flooding and erosion. Apart from this, banners and charts explaining the importance of wetlands were placed on the red wall to create awareness and explain the importance of wetlands among all the students.

The session on World Wetlands Day organized by Prithvi was a resounding success as huge number of students, faculty members and non-teaching staffs attended it. It provided a valuable educational experience for the students and other participants by promoting awareness and instilling a sense of responsibility towards environmental conservation.


Date and Time: November 24, 2023; Venue: Seminar Hall, Sri Aurobindo College

The ‘Investing 101’ seminar held on November 24, 2023 at Sri Aurobindo College's seminar hall provedto be a valuable session for the students comprising of young investors and finance enthusiasts. Theevent, organized by Nivesh, the finance and investment cell, commenced at 11:30 AM, setting a tone fora well-structured two-hour session.

The distinguished guest speaker, Mr. Alok Pant, an Equity Investor and Business Strategy Consultantwith over 16 years of experience, engaged the audience with an interactive presentation. Mr. Pant'semphasis on practical knowledge over theoretical concepts resonated well with the eager crowd,maintaining a continuous enthusiasm throughout the session.

Key insights shared by Mr. Pant included :

  • Smart money management during uncertain times.
  • Strategies for navigating financial uncertainties.
  • Diversification of assets: Tailoring investments across various classes based on risk appetite.
  • Basics of mutual funds and equity investing providing foundational knowledge for effectiveinvestments.
  • Highlighted the preference for debt, gold, and silver during volatile periods.
  • Inflation-beating portfolios: Ensure portfolios outperform inflation by 1-3%.

The session concluded with a meaningful Q&A round where students posed multiple intriguingquestions. Mr. Pant's enthusiastic and elaborative responses effectively cleared doubts and added value tothe overall learning experience.

Despite the limitations of time, the seminar hall was filled to capacity, showcasing the keen interest ofthe attendees. Some topics couldn't be fully covered this time due to time constraints, promising excitingcontent for the next session.

In summary, the ‘Investing 101’ seminar was a resounding success, fostering interactive learning, andequipping attendees with practical financial insights for their future endeavors.

Report on Change - We Believed In

18th November,2023

"In unity, we found the strength to break barriers and empower minds."

Harriet Tubman

Greetings Empowerment Advocates

National Service Scheme, Sri Aurobindo College, Project (SAVIOUR), University of Delhi, is thrilled to share the success of our recent event, "Change - We Believed In". On November 18, 2023, at 5 P.M., we embarked on an empowering journey dedicated to promoting women's empowerment, fostering awareness, and sparking conversations that drove positive change.

The event kicked off with an immersive PowerPoint presentation that explored diverse facets of women's empowerment. Participants engaged in an interactive quiz, testing their knowledge and reinforcing key messages.

The adventure was truly empowering, and we express our heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers and participants who contributed to the success of the event. Their active participation made a difference in fostering positive change and empowerment.

Report on Piconic

" Beneath the azure sky we lay, On checkered blankets, bright and gay. A picnic scene, so sweet and fine, nature's banquet, a feast divine. "

W. Somerset

Greetings to vibrant souls

National Service Scheme(Project Sehyog Ek Pehal), Sri Aurobindo College, University of Delhi, organized a heartwarming picnic on December 1st for specially-abled members. The day was filled with joyous activities like antakshari and passing the parcel, fostering a strong sense of community. Participants shared inspiring insights and future aspirations, creating lasting bonds and forming new friendships. It truly was a memorable and uplifting day.

Amidst the camaraderie, everyone enjoyed warm snacks. Towards the end, the event concluded on a sentimental note by capturing the handprints of disabled members and thumbprints of project volunteers. The day ended with beautiful pictures and a leisurely walk in the park, leaving everyone with lasting memories of a truly beautiful day.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the organizing team members and participants for contributing to the success of this event.

Report : Breast Cancer Awareness Session

"Awareness is the key to everything : self-awareness, social awareness, global awareness. It's the foundation for any real change." - Mark Manson

PAAKHI- The women empowerment cell of Sri Aurobindo College was honored to host a breast cancer awareness session on 7th November 2023 in the seminar hall of the college to educate everyone about this pressing issue. It was graced by the presence of Principal sir and other faculty members.

Dr Anita Sabharwal, President of FOGSI (forum of obstetricians and gynecologist in South Delhi) along with Dr Saritha Shamsunder, Consultant and Professor at Vardhmaan Mahavir Medical College gave their valuable insights to our audience on breast cancer, its causes and its prevention. It was an eye opening session on the early symptoms, methods of diagnosis and risk factors concerning Breast Cancer. They had a slideshow presentation with the graphical representation of information necessary to deliver.

They went ahead and quizzed the students about the topics to ensure they were able to get the message through and everyone understood the I informations clearly. They were exceedingly engaging throughout the event and readily answered all the doubts and queries of the audience. It was a significant and insightful session aimed at educating the audience, especially women about the most prevalent cancer in India. And it successfully delivered the message. The students and the faculty members left with a much deeper understanding of how to battle such a lethal disease so common among women. Team Paakhi under the guidance of the respected professors worked as a team to once again prove that hard work and the desire to bring about a change in the world, actually does so.

The lamp lighting ceremony with Saraswati Vandana playing in the background.

Principal Dr Vipin Kumar Agarwal, Dr Anita Sabharwal, Dr Saritha Shamsunder, The teacher coordinators of PAAKHI, Secretary and President of PAAKHI.

Principal Dr Vipin Kumar Agrawal felicitating Dr Saritha Shamsunder.

Principal Dr Vipin Kumar Agrawal felicitating Dr Anita Sabarwal.

"Resume Building” with guest speaker Mr. Akash Gogri.

Training and Placement Cell of Sri Aurobindo College, University of Delhi, successfully conducted a workshop on the topic of “Resume Building”with guest speaker Mr. Akash Gogri.

The workshop focused on the benefits and technique of building a good resume by showing us an ideal resume, splitting it into various segments and gave the students a good insight into building a strong resume.

The workshop was well received by the students and we look forward to conducting more such successful and productive events.

North East Festival

The North East Student’s Welfare Association of Sri Aurobindo College organised the North East Cultural Fest, 2023 on 7th November. The theme was on ‘Celebrating Cultural Pluralism’. Dr. Rajesh Singh, Chairman was the Chief guest of the occasion. Dr. Singh addressed the gathering and mentioned about the uniqueness and diversity of North east, he also added that these festivities can bridge the bond among the people. The students from the college showcased their talents by performing Bihu, Ladakhi dance and traditional songs. Inter college competitions like North east folk dance and Folk song were organised, where students from various colleges under University of Delhi participated in huge numbers and made the event vibrant. The foremost attractions of the event were Arunachali dance, Sikkimese dance, Bihu dance, Manipuri Folk Dance, Mising folk song, devotional song and the Ramp Walk with the theme ‘Walk for Peace’. Ambarish Borah and Arjeena Khatun won Mr. and Ms. North East titles respectively. The event was of immense accomplishment as the college hosted an array of students from various institutes, faculty members and staffs. The event was supervised by the North East Student’s teacher co-ordinator, Ms. Kalpita Sonowal, and her team including Dr. Neetu Dwivedi, Dr. Sukriti

NSS organized the event "Ek Tareekh Ek Ghanta" as part of the "Swachhata Hi Seva"

"Ek Tareekh Ek Ghanta" Cleanliness Drive Report

"In nature, nothing exists alone." 🌿🌎

~ Rachel Carson 🌸

Greetings champions of change 🌟🌱

National Service Scheme, Sri Aurobindo College, University of Delhi, proudly organized the event "Ek Tareekh Ek Ghanta" as part of the 'Swachhata Hi Seva' campaign by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Government of India. Under this campaign, we are thrilled to introduce you to "Ek Tareekh Ek Ghanta" - a Cleanliness Drive like no other! As we embark on this transformative journey, let us remember the words of Rachel Carson, "Nature does not exist in isolation; we are all part of its intricate web." 🌍🌱

1. Extensive preparations were made to ensure the success of the event. Around 35 NSS Volunteers, teachers, college and local school students, few community helpers, and local residents were mobilized and equipped with cleaning materials. The event also witnessed active participation from our Honourable Principal, Prof. Vipin Kumar Aggarwal. The event commenced at 10:00 AM and continued until 11:30 AM. 🧹📋

2. Our team carefully selected five significant sites - the college campus, a local school area, the bus enclave area, the area outside the metro station, and the DDA park. These sites were chosen based on their importance in the community and the need for cleanliness. The selection was made after consultation with the local authorities. 🏫🌆

3. Before the cleanliness drive, these areas were littered and neglected. However, the turnaround was nothing short of miracle after the tireless efforts of our volunteers, students, neighbourhood helpers and locals. All the five selected sites went from cluttered chaos to clean and pristine.

4. At all five locations, volunteers actively engaged with the local community including school and college students, community helpers and local residents. Apart from cleaning the surroundings, the NSS volunteers also interacted with residents, shopkeepers, and passersby to raise awareness about cleanliness and environmental preservation.

5.The impact of our cleanliness drive extended way beyond the physical transformation. Media outlets conducted interviews of our post holders. In these interviews, our post holders shared their insights, experiences, and the significance of the event. This media coverage helped spread the message of our initiative even further and inspired others to join the cause. 📰🎥

6. Throughout the event, our team captured the scale of the activity through photos and videos. The focus was on highlighting the remarkable before-and-after transformations, showcasing how these spaces evolved from neglected to rejuvenated. Official hashtags such as #SwachhBharat were used to ensure a wider reach. Additionally, official handles @SwachhBharatGov and @swachhbharat were tagged in posts to gain the attention of national-level authorities. 📸

7.The dissemination of event content on social media was meticulously planned. Pre-event teasers were posted to generate excitement. Live updates were shared during the event to maintain engagement, and post-event pictures spoke volumes about the incredible changes witnessed. This strategic approach ensured continuous engagement with the audience, inspiring others to join the cause of transformation. 🚀📢

8.The collected waste was carefully sorted and disposed of responsibly through collaboration with local waste disposal authorities. Proper waste segregation and disposal were integral parts of our commitment to environmental sustainability. The "Ek Tareekh Ek Ghanta" Cleanliness Drive showcased the power of collective action in revitalising communities, with the active participation of students, community helpers, local residents, and even school children. These areas, once plagued by neglect and litter, became symbols of cleanliness and rejuvenation. Our commitment to civic responsibility and sustainability was made manifest, demonstrating the potential for a cleaner, greener future. 🌿🌏

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your active participation and dedication to this noble cause. Together, we have not only transformed physical spaces but also ignited a spirit of positive change in our community. 🙏💚

Warm regards, 🎀🌿

Team NSS 🌿

Sri Aurobindo College

🌍 "Service is the highest form of kindness, a beacon of change." 🌍

~ Mother Teresa 🌸

Greetings Community Servers 💫

National Service Scheme, Sri Aurobindo College, University of Delhi 🎓, joyfully shares highlights from our recent 54ᵗʰ NSS Day celebration 🎉

On 25th September 📆, our college celebrated NSS Day 🌟, a day symbolizing unity and kindness through the NSS symbol. Blue cosmos represents the vast universe of service 🌌, and red color embodies boundless energy ⚡. It reminds us that small acts of service can transform the world when multiplied by millions.

During the event, our esteemed Principal Sir 👨‍🏫 passionately discussed the profound significance of the NSS symbol, emphasizing how it encapsulates the very essence of selfless service. His words resonated deeply, inspiring everyone present to recognize the power of service in transforming lives and society.

In the NSS Day seminar, diverse activities filled the atmosphere with unity. It began with the NSS song 🎶 and captivating Rajasthani dance performances 💃. Heartfelt poetry ✍️ and soulful singing 🎤 added depth, while a lively Punjabi dance 💃 energized the event.

The seminar reached its patriotic zenith with the rendition of the National Anthem 🇮🇳. Additionally, six projects showcased their missions through engaging drama performances, underlining their commitment to community service. This comprehensive celebration truly embodied the spirit of NSS, leaving a profound impact.

NSS Day serves as a powerful reminder of our duty to society, urging us to create a better world where compassion and service reign supreme 🌏. It's not just a celebration but a call to action, reigniting compassion and service in our college 🌱. Heartfelt thanks to our esteemed Principal Sir 👨‍🏫, dedicated volunteers 🙌, our NSS Programme Officer Prof Subhanjali Chopra and Teacher coordinators 🙏 for a meaningful event celebrating NSS values.

In closing, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers who worked tirelessly to make NSS Day a resounding success. Together, we reaffirm our commitment to the spirit of service and kindness, as we continue to make a positive impact on our college and the community.🌍💫

Warm Regards🎀

Team NSS

Sri Aurobindo College