Paakhi- The Women Empowerment cell


Paakhi - The Women Empowerment Cell was established in February 2018 with a vision to promote the importance of women empowerment by focusing on the social, educational, economic and political development of Indian women and girls. It calls for their education and constitutional rights, elimination of discrimination against women, advancement of their capabilities and leadership skills, promoting their participation in decisions that affect their lives, amplifying their voice for peace and security at the national and global levels.

The Annual Report for the year 2022-2023 of PAKHI - The Women Empowerment cell demonstrates the vibrancy and heterogeneity in the events along with the consistent and deterministic efforts of the members to aware the mankind throughout, standing out with its principles of cohesion, learning and devoted engagement among the individuals.

Following events took place throughout the session 2022-2023 –


Date - 11th April,2022

*SAMVEDNA*- The Gender Sensitization Forum and *PAAKHI*- The Women Empowerment Cell of Sri Aurobindo College (M), University of Delhi organized an awareness drive on 11 April 2022 to spread the awareness among the students regarding the amenities college administration provides.The event was well conducted and managed.Good amount of students joined that lead to successful completion of our event as the main motive of spreading awareness got fulfilled.

The event started by our honorable principal Prof. VIPIN AGGARWAL putting a garland on the statue on Sri Aurobindo Ghosh.

From the statue itself, with full enthusiasm and excitement the awareness rally got started, firstly the cooridor, then all the department of labs, after that the classes holding the banners as much as we can we covered all the areas of our college.

Just with the banners we didn't completed our rally we used some short yet very impactful slogans for making our rally even more encouraging and attractive to the students. The slogans which were used are as follows : -

  1. Know your resources.
  2. Benefit from your resources/ amenities etc.
  3. Know what you have and use them wisely.
  4. be aware!

After the completion of rally we gathered the students near the red wall firstly the brief summary regarding both societies "PAAKHI" & "SAMVEDNA" were given. Then the most important part of the drive is done information of the amenities was imparted to the students.

The amenities were as follows : -


Our College also has a Girls' common room which is spacious and is located adjacent to Room no.
120. In case of any distress like period cramps or changing of clothing girls can use the room to rest and take some time off. It also gives relief from the strain of continuous classes.


Our College has a well-equipped medical room with first- aid facilities, which is located in front of the canteen.
There is a nurse on the campus for medical assistance in case of any kind of emergency or distress. The facility of sanitary dispenser is available for girls to maintain hygienic menstrual practices.
Some basic medicines like antacids for indigestion, PCM for fever or headache are also available.


The Inter-College Complaint Committee is a secure physical and social environment free from gender-based discrimination. You can lodge any complaint you have.


College website is a one stop destination for all the queries you have. IF you want to know about syllabus, the time table, internal marks or even the details regarding the fess payment link college website provide you all the answers. All the information regarding the societies present in the college, the events that are going to take place college website will equip you with everything such as redresseal, new facilities in college etc.

The final step includes the effort by the students in which whosoever got aware regarding the societies and the amenities signed in the campaign. The members of both the societies even signed the campaign. Here a sweet surprise came whoever has signed got a chocolate.


During the course of the whole event, we received a lot of positive reviews from the teachers as well as the students. We had tried from every aspect that we provide complete and reliable information to the students so that every doubt can be resolved. The amount of students who came forward to sign the campaign made us even more determined to work even harder and better.
This awareness drive not only brought to us the students who want to be aware person of their rights but also made us aware of the ones who want be a part of the change.

Hence, this drive turn out to informative, impactful and fulfilling which at that last turn out to be sweet for the students as well as for us also.


Date: 26th September,2022

Event Report : International Daughter's Day + World Contraception Day

Topic- To celebrate daughter's day and spread awareness regarding safe contraceptive methods.
Venue- college premises
Mode: offline

Paakhi - The Women Empowerment Cell in collaboration with Samvedna - The Gender Sensitization Forum of Sri AurobindoCollege (M),
University of Delhi organized an event on 26th of September, 2022 on the occasion of International Daughter's Day and World Contraception Day.

The event was well organized and achieved the goal of awarethe students about the career and contraceptive importance.
A large number of students joined the event and gave their attentive participations.

Our honorable principal, Professor Vipin Aggarwal, and guests Dr. Dhwani Mago and Dr. Ankita Chakravarty commenced the event with lighting of a lamps.

Ankita Chakravarty (IAS) , Deputy Commissioner, South Delhi Municipal Corporation gave us a scintillating speech. She talked about how deeply she feels connected to the issue of how daughters are treated less than by society. Moreover, she discussed how the participation of women for major jobs is relatively newer concept and how they’re still struggling. She stressed the importance of believing in one's potential as a woman and how it can be used to further advancement. She answered the audience's questions as well.

Next noteworthy speech regarding contraception given by Dr. Dhwani Mago, a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist. She engaged with audience by asking them about whatever little they know about contraception, She ask them about their experiences and tried her best to make the audience comfortable and more knowledgeable about almost every topic usually treated as taboo. She entertained and patiently answered all the questions put up by the Students. The event was concluded by the distribution of chocolates & a Card containing special messages to all the girls. Canteen tokens were also distributed.


Overall, the event was successful.. We learnt many new things and came across new concepts and terms. An event as informative and interesting as this was appreciated by teachers and students alike. A number of students came forward to ask their questions and felt at ease in the process, which was our motive. This campaign was just another motivation for us to do our job with more determination and dedication. Paakhi, a society that works to promote awareness among women regarding their rights, added another successful event to the list of its achievements. Hence, this event turned out to be everything we hoped for.


Date- 13th October, 2022

Paakhi- The Women Empowerment Cell of Sri Aurobindo College (M), University of Delhi, organised an open mic competition on October 13th, 2022 to celebrate International Girl Child Day.

The competition was well conducted and served its motive of bringing forth the budding talents of the college whilst celebrating *International Girl Child Day*.
Our convener, Dr. Vandana Bhalla commenced the event by lighting the lamp along with the society President and Vice President.
The open mic competition "Way to Stage" had several rules. The participants were to perform anything from speeches and poems to life experiences. We were glad to see the participation of students who contributed to making the event a success.
The participants came up with several charming performances that were both entertaining and moving. Poems, speeches, and rap were included in some of the performances. The performances will be judged on the basis of content and delivery.
The event was concluded with a vote of thanks to our teachers who guided us throughout the organisation of the event and to the students who actively participated and displayed their talents.


To sum it up, the event was a success. We witnessed performances that enlightened and delighted us. The event and the hard work that went into it were appreciated by our teachers. Paakhi added another feather to its cap with the successful organisation of an event such as this.


Supporting the fighters, admiring the survivors, honouring the taken and never ever giving up.

Together we can fight breast cancer as our faith is bigger than our fear.

PAAKHI – The Women Empowerment Cell marked the importance of breast cancer awareness month on 28th October 2022 through the social media handle of Paakhi @wec_sac by outbursting the myths about breast cancer and by sharing an informative post telling about the do's and don'ts and the ways to detect breast cancer. It helped the audience be more aware of this serious condition which is normally overlooked and not talked about.

● INTERACTIVE SESSION- (International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women & National Law day)

Date : 25th November 2022

PAAKHI, the Women Empowerment Cell, organised an insightful seminar on the occasion of Elimination of Violence against Women's Day* and National Law Day* on 25th November 2022 at the seminar hall of Sri Aurobindo College. To address this seminar *Advocate Navaneeth Pavithram* was invited. A well renowned corporate and Intellectual Property Lawyer with 4 years of experience in the legal field, Co founder- Writs ( A legal Education And Consultancy Firm) & Co-author of Best Selling Legal Education Book "Writs".

Respected Advocate Property Lawyer commenced the event with lighting of a lamps. A total of 50 students joined the seminar. Advocate Navaneeth Pavithram gave us a scintillating speech. He told us about several laws and cases that concern the safety of women, along with the problems women’s are facing inspite of the sufficient laws made in favour of them as well as suggested the solutions to such issues. He also stressed the importance of believing in one's potential as a woman and how it can be used to further advancement. He answered the audience's questions as well.
It was an eye-opening session that helped to create awareness regarding various topics and covered various issues that are still there to be addressed.
The event was a success and we're glad that the team made this happen.


PAAKHI, the Women Empowerment Cell organised an exciting and interactive session wherein the college youth were invited over to share their thoughts on what one can do to for the cause of women's empowerment on 12th January 2023, near the Red wall area. The session begun at 11 a.m. and continued till 12 a.m. All the Students shared their views,writing on the sticky notes at the red wall poster.. Our team member Urmi Nandi continued the session with her introductory speech. All the interested youths one after another shared their views, marking the session as successful and informative for all.

● VEERANGANA’23 – PAKHI’S Annual Fest

DATE: 3rd April, 2023 TIME: 10 AM onwards VENUE: Seminar hall, SAC

Paakhi, Women Empowerment Cell of Sri Aurobindo College organized its annual fest Veerangana on 3rd April 2023. Under the theme Naari - The Epitome of Power. The guests were Falit Sijariya, Representative of Y-20 India, Founder-President Studomatrix and Diplomatron along with Velentina Brahma, Secretary for Media Y-20 India. There were four different competitions organized namely (a) Conventional Debate Competition on the topic Feminism can disturb societal balance and can cause a cultural deficit; (b) Treasure Hunt; (c) Reel (short film) making competition; and (d) A dress up competition. The duration of the event was from 10 AM to 2 PM and it was conducted in the college campus. About 50+ students from within and outside college participated in the various competitions.
The overall event was a success and it helped the organizing team to gain experience and learn managerial skills.

Concluding with the annual report for the year 2022-2023 each and every event altogether engendered holistic development, honouring the indeed awareness among the individuals, terming all of them as successful and well managed.This year we all took collective step towards our vision. Looking forward to sustain such enthusiastic spirit in the future coming up with better innovative ideas for the prosperity of the females as well as post-modern communities.

Core Team