International Seminar on "'Technology for Environmental Sustainability, Socio-Economic Responsibility and Associated Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Society and Rural Environment" -March 16-17 2023

Paakhi- The Women Empowerment cell


Paakhi - The Women Empowerment Cell was established in February 2018 with a vision to promote the importance of women empowerment by focusing on the social, educational, economic and political development of Indian women and girls. It calls for their education and constitutional rights, elimination of discrimination against women, advancement of their capabilities and leadership skills, promoting their participation in decisions that affect their lives, amplifying their voice for peace and security at the national and global levels.

During this academic year, under the guidance of Dr. Vandna Bhalla as convener and Dr. Rashmi Mathur as co-convener, Paakhi organized several successful events such as:

  1. Paakhi organized a webinar on how to reduce Mensural pain through yoga and meditation in collaboration with The Art of Living
  2. Took an initiative to change the beauty standards of the society by organizing a competition on Instagram using “Reels” feature, on topic “What beauty means to you?". The participants had to make a short video illustrating what beauty means to them thus taking a step towards changing beauty standards
  3. Paakhi created its own hashtag #paanchkapaanch and encouraged people to tag 5 women who inspire them and ask them to tag another 5 people and thus creating a chain. The event was aimed at praising strong inspirational women, spreading positivity and to inspire others
  4. Paakhi collaborated with Pratisandhi, a youth run non-profit organization aimed at providing medically accurate and stigma free comprehensive sexual education. The webinar was aimed at proving students of all sexes, information on consent and communication
  5. Spread awareness about government sponsored schemes for a girl child on social media
  6. Started a Book Reading Club “Novel Bunch”
  7. Organized a doodle making competition. The theme of the competition was “Because you are a girl is never a reason for anything”
  8. Paakhi: The Women Empowerment Cell & Samvedna: The Gender Sensitization Forum of Sri Aurobindo College(M) in collaboration with Indian Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology organized a webinar on "A Guide to Women's Health
  9. Organized its most awaited fest of the year VEERANGANA 2021