Gender Sensitisation Forum


Gender Sensitization Forum (GSF) of Sri Aurobindo College was founded in 2016 through the initiative of University Grants Commission and has been named as“Samvedna”. The society pays attention towards fostering values of gender equality amongst the students to transcend traditional beliefs and preconceived notions of the society to achieve harmonious existence and development of all the genders. Under the convenership of Dr. Rashmi Mathur and Dr. Vandna Bhalla as co-convenor, the society successfully hosted a number of events in the academic session 2020-2021 to achieve equality of gender and eliminate gender problems existing in our society.

  1. The first social media post series was started on 18th January 2021. The post series that was entitled as ‘Reconciling with Roots’ entailed representation of mythological and folklore characters who were emblematic of the inclusivity of the existing society that we lived in. The series attempted in overthrowing the bestowed sense of homophobia and discrimination against the LGBTQ community
  2. Announced the launch of ‘Lagniappe’- the monthly newsletter cum journal on 31st January 2021. The newsletter currently has released the 3rd issue for the month of May
  3. A social media campaign entitled ‘Thought Bank: put your two cents in’ was organized on 3rd February in order to gain the perspectives of the youth on pressing topics like Childless by Choice. Another episode of the same social media campaign was organized on 13th April which had the topic - Marriage by choice or convention.
  4. Organized the second edition of our flagship event PRISM 2.0. This was an umbrella event under which we had a series of intriguing competitions. The flagship event encompassed 5 different types of competitions like Video Making Competition, Digital Art and Painting Competition, Photography Competition, Slogan Writing Competition and Quiz Competition
  5. Samvedna in collaboration with Paakhi- The Women Empowerment Cell of SAC-, and with Indian Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology presented a webinar on " A Guide to Women's Health" on 4th March 2021