Brochure Science seminar 03.02.23.

Nivesh Presents Finverse

FINVERSE, a week-long event organised by Nivesh, the Finance and Investment Cell, Department of Commerce, Sri Aurobindo College.


Speaker sessions were scheduled from Feb 3, 2022, to Feb 8, 2022, detailed below:

The weeklong event captured different aspects of the finance and investment ecosystem.


Different facets of the Startup ecosystem was touched by - Mr Aditya Arora, Angel Investor and CEO of Faad Network on ‘Startup ecosystem’, Mr Pankaj Dubey, Co-Founder, Power Global on ‘Ideation and Validation of Startups’ Mr Shantanu Jain, Co-Founder, Readon on ‘fintech startup market.’


At the same time, luminaries were invited from the established companies big MNCs to learn from the systems and processes. Mr Harish Rao, Marketing Lead, Unilever on ‘Marketing Strategies of Big Corporations’. Mr. Ganvendra Kumar Sharma, Director of Finance, Giesecke & Devrient India Pvt. Ltd. on ‘Finance Operations in Gi-De’


Touching upon the theme, which is in vogue ESG – Environment, sustainability and governance, we invited Mrs Preeti Chothani, President, Women Indian Chamber of Commerce on ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ Mr Ajay Chaturvedi, Chairman, HarVa on ‘Rural India’


Also, enriching our students with sectoral exposure – we had Mr Jenender Anand, CEO, Revolt Motors, on ‘Emerging EV market’. Dr Akhil Prasad, Director, Boeing, on ‘Aviation market’. Ms Renu Sud Karnad, MD, HDFC Ltd, one of the top 20 most powerful women in India, as per fortune, explained how technology is shaping up the financial services industry, with the case in point – HDFC ltd. 


The event would have been incomplete if it missed touching on Budget 2022. Prof. Surajit Das on ‘Budget 2022’, Mitali Nikore, Economist on ‘Budget 2022’ with special emphasis on key hits and key misses in the new budget.


To help students put the pieces of investing together, Ms Monika Halan, Author on ‘Personal Finance and Money’, Mr Rishi Jawan Gupta, Founder and CEO, Wealthways on ‘psychology of Money’. Mr Vineet Patwari, CEO- Elearnmarkets on ‘How to be stock market-ready.


The session with Ms Li Lou and Ms Sunita Malhotra from World Bank enriched the understanding of the participants about important global institutions and various opportunities available.    


Various competitions, like mock stock competition, quiz competition, case study, were held as a part of the event.

ACE THE CASE had a total participation of around 1700.

MONEY STASH saw 1200 participants.

PERSPECTIVA, debate competition had 1000 participants. 

GUESSTIMATE, Mock Stock competition- had over 2000 students’ participation.

QUZZZICLE, the quiz competition, witnessed around 1500 participants.