Brochure Science seminar 03.02.23.

Department of EVS celebrated World Environment Day

Prithvi :-The  Society  for Environment under the aegis of Department  of Environmental  Science , University of Delhi organised a special  Lecture on Environmental  Sustainability :- Only  One  Earth in the pursuance  of  Environment Day and Golden Jubilee Celebration . With one of the most renowned  personality Mr.Ashwini  Kumar  Ray, Assistant professor in Delhi University. He shared his experience and knowledge about Environment Sustainability and enlightened  the mind of young generation to save our natural resources for the future generations.

The main motive of the  special  lecture  was to aware the young minds about the future threats to our planet earth and the ways to stop or minimize them and to help the student to know the real meaning of Sustainability. He discussed about the various policies like Paris Agreement for environment and “Target 2050 :- Net Zero Emission of Carbon” . It was a successful event with a great number of audience.


Thank  You


Team Prithvi