Brochure Science seminar 03.02.23.


The Department of Commerce of Sri Aurobindo College organized one day National Seminar on “DEVELOPING BUSINESS RESILIENCE: THE WAY FORWARD” in collaboration with PHD Chamber Of Commerce And Industry in pursuance of Golden Jubilee Celebration of the college on 17th June 2022. The seminar marked its beginning with the lamp lighting and worshiping of goddess Saraswati and opening speeches by, Prof. Sudhir K. Jain, Adjunct Professor, I.I.T. Delhi, I.I.M. Jammu & Netaji Subhash University of Technology, New Delhi; Prof. A. K. Singh; Head and Dean, Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi; Mr. Anil Khaitan, Former President, PHDCCI & Chairman & Managing Director, Sunil Healthcare Limited, CA S. Ravi: Former Chairman BSE, Director & Chairman of the board of Tourism Finance Corporation of India Limited, & Managing Partner at Ravi Rajan & Co., and Prof Vipin Kumar Aggarwal, Principal, Sri Aurobindo College. Starting with the inaugural session after our Principal, Prof. Vipin Kumar Aggarwal, highlighted the relevance of conducting the seminar on business resilience amidst the rising rates of inflation and plunging indices around the world, it featured the discourses of four distinguished speakers . Prof. A.K. Singh emphasised upon the multi-route approach to build resilience . He suggested routes such as practising mindfulness, pursuing smart goals and most importantly prioritising relationships. Prof. Sudhir K  Jain discussed how crucial it is for companies to be resilient against natural disasters , cyber attacks, supply chain disruptions and rapid changes in technology. Mr. Anil Khaitan rightly exhorted each of us to the focus on inner strength and not wait for externalities to play out in our favour. This is specifically very important for the current time, where, as warned. Mr. Khaitan warned, we might be heading to stagflation. CA Dr. S. Ravi Former Chair, BSE gave a perfect analogy that like there is ‘no all weather attire’ for different kinds of weather, likewise, there is no ‘all weather business strategies for different business environments.

Speaking of the first technical session, it got commenced by the address of CA Amarjit Chopra former President ICAI . He spoke of the need to make the businesses realise the importance of ethical principles and make them pursue systematic calculation and utilisation of the required debt, by the way of correct determination of the business needs. He rightly termed "greed' as the biggest barrier to the financial resilience. Second in the session was Dr. H.P. Kumar, Former chair NSCI. He shared he was offered to become the head of a sick company and when he analysed be found that it  Thereafter, Mr. Arun Kumar Jha, Former Adviser, Ministry of finance, interestingly linked business resilience to quality of banking system. He also emphasised upon developing alternative sources of supplies and structuring a strong base of ethics at all levels within a business. Lastly for Technical session 1, we had Dr Rishika Nayyar, Lecturer, University of Sussex Business School, UK who called our attention to the concept of global value chains while we are striving to learn how to ensure operational resilience..

 The second technical session was delivered by Prof. Kavita sharma, professor of marketing and Mr. Rajendra Prasad Singh and Dr. Jatinder Singh Assistant Secretary General, PHDCCI. Prof Kavita brought in discussion to the fact that even too big to fail companies are facing distress in the after effects of the pandemic and that the reality check of the resiliency can be made only when we are struck with an adversity. Dr. Jatinder Singh conducted a very fascinating exercise on resilience, and also brilliantly taught us about two new normal D’s standing for Diversity and Digital in context of VUCA. Mr. Rajendra Prasad Jain very captivatingly engaged the students and made them understand the aspect of workforce resilience in an effortless manner . They inspired the youngsters and talked about the recent innovations to be carried out for in the face of business resilience. Dr. Subhanjali Chopra, Convener, warmly thanked all the speakers, faculty members, participants and the principal congratulated the team of organizers & volunteers for making the event a great success.