Brochure Science seminar 03.02.23.

Political Science Honours students visit to Malviya Nagar Police Station .

Political Science Honours students were taken to Malviya Nagar Police Station on an educational visit as a practical part of our paper 'Your Laws, Your Rights' today.

A trainee ACP Shri Abhinandan ji, Acting SHO Shri Rohit Kumar ji and Reader to SHO Shri Naveen ji apprised our students of actual working of police stations in Delhi. They showed our students around, interacted with them, and held QA session with students. Students were shown the working of Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems, which connects all police stations in the country.

More importantly, officers  encouraged our students to take up police service as it is so vital to the healthy functioning of any society. 

SHO Rohit Kumar ji shared how Hauz Khas Thana team unearthed a big kidney racket in South Delhi in June, 2022, which was covered by all major dailies.