Brochure Science seminar 03.02.23.

World Wetlands Day Celebration

Prithvi –Society for Environment, under the aegis of Department of Environmental Science, observed the World Wetlands Day, on 2nd February with the theme, “Restoration of Wetlands”. The goal of the event was to create an engaging and informative experience, thereby encouraging the students and faculty members to become more active in wetland conservation.


The event started with an interactive thumbprint activity and a showcase of an article on a survey of South Delhi's wetlands., drafted by the team Prithvi. This research was conducted by the members of Prithvi, who visited these wetlands and did a deep analysis. This survey was showcased along with an insight box where people wrote about their insight on wetlands using sticky notes. Teachers and students enthusiastically made their thumbprint using various colours depicting different components of wetlands on different pictures. These pictures showcased various sites of wetlands, providing details of what a wetland looks like and includes. To attract the young crowd, multiple symbols of body art relating to the environment, such as earth, roses, wave, and butterfly etc. were painted on the participants. The objective of this event was to sensitise about the importance of wetlands, their dwindling condition and collect the people's insight to restore them. Everyone, including the faculty members, teacher coordinators and students participated actively, making the program a huge success.