Brochure Science seminar 03.02.23.

Saket Court Student Visit Report by Harish Kumar, Asst Prof. Pol Sci Dept.

Sri Aurobindo College (M) organised an educational tour of students to Saket District Court, Delhi giving them practical knowledge of the legal system prevalent in the country. The Principal of the College, Shri Vipin Kumar Agarwal made sure that students got to know the actual criminal justice system. Two teachers accompanied the students. Students were received by the court administration and shown around. 30 students were taken to criminal court, civil court and mediation centre where they witnessed the actual proceedings of the court and saw justice being dispensed.

Ms. Asha Menon, District and Sessions Judge, South addressed the student community and said that Indian society has always given importance to one’s duties, however, of late we have harped more on rights than duties. She used an Indian proverb to portray her take on the right and duty mix, “jahan meri naak khatm hoti hai, wahan aapki naak shuru hoti hai.” Ms. Shreya Arora Mehta, Secretary, South District Legal Services Authority and a judge interacted with the impressionable minds as well. She informed the young minds about the importance of legal aid and about the functioning of District Legal Services Authority. Ms. Mehta said that DLSA has plans to start certificate course in legal aid in Delhi University colleges and that the first college could be Sri Aurobindo College, DU, at Malaviya Nagar.