Brochure Science seminar 03.02.23.

Seminar On Reforms

The Department of Commerce and the Department of Economics of Sri Aurobindo College jointly organized ICSSR-sponsored two-day National Seminar on “Reforms for Transforming India: A Road Ahead” on February 17-18, 2017. The programme was graced by the presence of an array of dignitaries and distinguished speakers from across the entire country. The inaugural session began with Prof. Virendra Kumar Malhotra, Member Secretary, ICSSR, Prof. Kavita Sharma, Head, Department of Commerce, University of Delhi and Mr. Shishir Sinha, Editor, ABP News. They highlighted various aspects and nuances of reforms being implemented by the Government of India and also debated on the reforms needed in the future. The speakers explicated reforms made in latest union budget and also stressed upon the need of a model that ensures sustainable and inclusive development so that the benefits filter down to the marginalized section of the society. Sh. Rajeev Jayaswal, Business Journalist and Mr. Ashish Abrol, CIT discussed demonetization policy and its impacts in great detail.

The issue of structural reforms received special attention as Dr. Ashwani Mahajan contended that country’s ongoing need for reforms is a consequence of India’s indiscriminate adaption of policies made in developed parts of the world. He also termed structural reforms, such as FDI as fallacy as these are more of impositions on us. Prof C.L. Bansal highlighted the need to overhaul the Indian legal sector to make it conducive to the reforms. Dr. S.P. Aggarwal emphasized direct relationship between structural reforms and their imminent benefits for the economy. The speakers, however, unanimously pegged institutional reforms as the backbone of economic growth. Over the period of two days, more than 40 papers were presented on various reforms by scholars and faculty members from different part of the nation. The two day event concluded with a valedictory session chaired by CA C.J.S. Nanda who apart from discussing the need for reforms, also appreciated the colleges endeavour for organizing the event and enriching the academic discourse. Dr. Vipin Kumar Aggarwal, Principal, Sri Aurobindo College, warmly thanked all the speakers, faculty members, students and participants for making the event a great success.