Brochure Science seminar 03.02.23.

Physics Fest

Dept. of Physics, Sri Aurobindo College organized a fest "RAINBOW 2K16" on 28th of September 2016 in the seminar room. The fest was highly successful as enthusiastic students participated in huge number and were having gala time. The fest consists of four events namely 1. Poster making and presentation, 2. Circuit Rangoli making 3. Science extempore and 4. General Science Quiz. It was encouraging to see that students came up for poster with highly intellectual and burning topic being in news these days such as Gravitational Waves, Dark Matter, Big Bang etc. Circuit Rangoli was very unique and creative event as students made beautiful Rangoli but using physics circuits as theme. Quiz and Extempore was equally well received and students have fantastic time.

In the later half of the fest there was a talk by Prof. Patrick Das Gupta from Dept. Of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi on the topic "Origin of Universe". He discussed in details starting from very basic physics principles such as Kepler's Laws to the recent advancement in astrophysics. In particular he talked about formation of Stars, Galaxies, Black Hole etc and answered questions of enthusiastic students gleefully.

Dept. of Physics highly appreciate College Principal Dr. Vipin Aggarwal for all the help without which it has not been possible. Our ever energetic Principal praised Prof. Patrick Das Gupta for keeping the content of talk so interesting which attracted physics and non-physics students alike and everyone were able to grasp it and were enchanted to know more about Origin of Universe. He seems equally enjoying the event as he visited each of the poster and Rangoli stalls along with distinguished Judge and Guest Prof. P. Das Gupta. Students seemed enjoying the fest throughout as there was full house in each of the event and there was a lot of positive wooing and exploding joy all around.