Brochure Science seminar 03.02.23.

Visit to National Science Museum Pragati Maidan, Delhi


Keeping in view the aspiration of an interface with Science and its activities, a visit to National Science museum was organized by Dept of Physics, Sri Aurobindo College.

The students took a tour of the various galleries namely such as Information and Communication Technology, Oceanography and Earth Sciences, Material Science, Nanotechnology etc. The galleries showcased a plethora of exhibits that covered various topics such as Magic tap, energy ball etc.

The students watched two light shows one on “The Development of Information and Communication Technology” and the other one “Inside a Nuclear Power Plant” (by NPCIL). Watching each of these show was a great learning experience. The Science Centre provided a whole world of wonder and amazement and interactive ‘hands-on’ exhibits. The students were excited to observe certain exhibits which had similarity to topics they have been studying in details recently. Walking through the mirror maze, infinity well, animated dinosaurs, responding to electric shock, lifting a lid against an electromagnet and many others caught the attention of students instantly and they thoroughly enjoyed being part of these fun filled activities.