Brochure Science seminar 03.02.23.

International Ozone Day

The Department of Environmental Science celebrated the ‘International Ozone Day’ on 16th September to create awareness about ozone layer depletion and other environmental issues. The programme started with a ‘Nukkad Natak’ (Street Play) related to the ozone day theme in the college premises followed with a rally by the students and teachers which started from the College gate to Malviya Nagar market. In accordance with the theme, students prepared posters and participated in rally with full devotion. During the rally students chanted slogans and also distributed pamphlets to the general public on the way in order to create environmental awareness and discoursed and highlighted the contributions that can be made at an individual level. The rally did attract a lot of attention from the local people as they were curious about ozone depletion. The play was again staged at the Malviya Nagar market place which drew the local crowds. The event was concluded after the rally came back to the college.