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Industry Visit to the Renowned FMCG Company: Parle

Industry Visit to the Renowned FMCG Company: Parle

To facilitate and encourage an integrated learning experience of students, a visit was organised to the Parle products Factory (Parle G manufacturing unit) in Bahadurgarh on 10th October 2018 under the supervision of Teacher in charge, Department of Commerce, Dr Anjali Bhatnagar.

Parle is a name every one associates with, is a part of daily life for most. The thought of this visit was enticing for many and saw participation from more than 100 students accompanied by the faculty members, Dr Shubhanjali Chopra, Dr Anjali Arora, Dr Tarunika Jain and Dr Sapna Bansal.

A factory tour exhibiting the process of the making biscuits and wafers, right from assembling to final packaging was conducted. A short video was also shown talking about the core value and strengths of Parle G which was ubiquitous in their industrial complex.

Mrs Hanisha Dalal (HR Executive) provided deeper insights in an interactive session addressing queries of the students exploring various facets of the organisation, especially the CSR initiatives and quality assurance mechanism adopted.

Through this visit, students were not only exposed to various managerial concepts such as production, economies of scale, labour management and other aspects of a manufacturing unit but also the importance of value system and hard work to achieve the organisation goals.   

The visit was successful and fruitful - and would be remembered as a great experience by all.