Brochure Science seminar 03.02.23.


AAKRAYA-The Commerce Association of Sri Aurobindo College, orgainsed its first talk on the topic “LOGISTICS” on 9th January, 2019. The talk was delivered by the Deputy Director, Education Division, CII Instititute of logistics-Dr. L. Karthigeyan. It was an opportunity for students to learn about organisation and implementation of logistics in general business settings. He dwelled on how globalisation of economy and e-business has heightened the strategic importance of supply chain and logistics management and has created new opportunities for using supply chain and logistics strategies as competitive tools.He also gave insights about courses on logistics and supply chain after a three year under graduate degree in commerce.

The event was organized under the patronship of the Principal, Dr.Vipin Kumar Aggarwal, along with Teacher in Charge, Dr. Anjali Bhatnagar.