Innovation Projects

Five Innovative Projects under the flagship scheme of Delhi University were allotted to the college during the current session. Their details are as follows:

Project Code

Name of the Project



Waste to wealth : Water Hyacinth - "A New Green Fuel Source"

Dr. (Mrs.) Aprajita Chauhan,
Dr. Vinay Kumar Singh
Dr. Sharmistha Lahiry
Dr Manju M. Gupta


हिंदी की विभिन्न विधाओं के दो प्रमुख साहित्यकारों के जीवन पर आधारित वृत्तचित्र (फिल्म)

Dr. Sudheer Pratap Singh
Dr. Rajiv Aggarwal
Dr. Vipin Kumar Aggarwal


Design and Development od Dual-band , Triple , Quad-Band, Penta-Band and Hexa-Band Bandstop Filters for Wireless Local Area Network(WLAN)

Dr. Ashwani Kumar
Dr. Parmod Kumar
Dr. R.P.Rishishiwar
Dr. P.P.Singh